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About Retrospective Traveller

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Retrospective Traveller is my way of recalling some of my travel memories through photography… and features tales from my overland adventures.

Retrospective Traveller

Retrospective Traveller - the travel memories and other traveller tales of @retrotraveller. Mainly ‘after the event’ – a retrospective look back at journeys past. You’ll find short stories, thoughts, travel experiences (some sanitised) and plenty of travel photography too... you can also find more photography on Flickr -

Old Articles...

Karakul Lake

A journey along the Karakorum Highway from Kashgar (Xinjiang, China) to see the beautiful Karakul Lake. This excursion proved to be one of the best parts of my long journey - stunning scenery, wonderful hospitality, and a hint of danger!

This is in 3 parts; Nothing ventured ¦ Taxkorgan ¦ Kyrgyz Bazaar

Kyrgyz bazaar


Eid al-Adha

A day in Luxor, Egypt during Eid al-Adha - the Festival of Sacrifice celebrated by Muslims around the world... read about Eid al-Adha.


Picture this... a window on life in the busy city of Hanoi.

Go in, don't come out!

Crossing the Taklamakan Desert...