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Middle East

Jordan & Lebanon

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Jordan (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) - deserts, mountains, the Dead Sea, Lawrence of Arabia, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, and the bedouin...

Lebanon - A very short (too short), one day trip to see Beirut (once the Paris of the Middle East) and the monumentally scaled temple ruins of Baalbek (Heliopolis - City of the Sun) in the Beqaa Valley. The largest temple (of Jupiter) was the largest in the Roman empire!

Iran - Glimpses of Shiraz

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Glimpses of Shiraz - Shiraz has been referred to as the 'poetic capital of Persia', because two of the greatest poets, Hafez (1324-1391) and Sa'di (1209-1291), come from this city.

Like Yazd and Esphahan it is a beautiful city.

Syria - The People

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Syria - full of ancient sites, mighty Crusdaer castles, medieval souqs, sacred mosques and wonderful food. Here are some photographs of the people of Syria.

Iran - Architectural Wonders (Esphahan)

Iran - Architectural Wonders (Esphahan)
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Architectural Wonders (Esphahan) - A selection of photographs providing glimpses of some of the amazing architecture I encountered on my travels. This album focuses on the some of the mosques and palaces of Esphahan.


Iran - Faces of Iran

Faces of Iran
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Faces of Iran - an amazing country, full of wonderfully helpful and friendly people. The seat of ancient super power of Persia.

Iran - Abyaneh

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Abyaneh - the ancient city of Abyaneh at the foot of Mount Karkas is at least 1500 years old and retains its distinct red mud-brick houses. The people here still speak Middle Persian, an early version of Farsi from centuries ago.