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Iran - Architectural Wonders (Esphahan)

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  • Ceiling of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Espahan
  • Column at Chehelsotun Palace, Esphahan
  • Ceiling at Chehelsotun Palace, Esphahan
  • Light hits wall of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Detail above the entrance to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Ceiling detail at Ali Qapu Palace, Esphahan
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Sheikh Lotfollah or 'Ladies' Mosque is one of the architectural masterpieces of Safavid Iranian architecture.

Built in 1615 by the orders of Shah Abbas I. Dedicated to Shah Abbas father-in-law, Sheikh Lotfollah, a holy preacher, it stands in the eastern part Naghsh-i Jahan Square.

Esfahan, Iran.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Ceiling of the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque