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Iran - Faces of Iran

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  • Snake man of Saveh
  • Snake man of Saveh
  • Friendly faces from Iran
  • Family out walking in town
  • Woman wearing the chador
  • Woman wearing the chador
  • Snake man of Saveh
  • Armenian Christians at Vank Cathedral, Jolfa
  • Friendly students on north-eastern Iran
  • Construction workers in Esphahan bazaar
  • Guide in Esphahan
  • A friend tries out the accoustics at Ali Qapu
  • Colourful Iranian fashions
  • Iranian woman takes the water at Ali Qapu, Esphahan
  • Guide at Persepolis
  • Tourist at Persepolis
  • Iranians on a day out at Persepolis
  • Woman texting
  • Women sell pictures of Imam Hussein, Shiraz
  • Children in park near Shah-e Cheragh, Shiraz
  • Beggar on the back streets of Yazd
  • Restoration work on the Martyr's Mosque, Shiraz
  • Woman sells pictures of Imam Hussein, Shiraz
  • Kids on the way home from school
  • Old man crossing the road in Yazd
  • Shoppers in Yazd
  • Early morning at the Tehran bazaar
  • Woman in Yazd
  • Study
  • Woman bestowing blessings
  • Religious leader at Imam Khomeini mosque, Tehran
  • Old man at the Towers of Silence, Yazd

The mystery 'snake man of Savah', Iran.

We had stopped in Saveh for a 'food shopping' stop... oh, and I ended up in having an opticians appointment (another story, another time). When I got back to the truck a strange scene was unfolding with this guy, a monkey in a cage, and this massive snake in a box.

People put money into a bucket and there was lots of banter on a loud hailer, and raising of hands by the crowd. Then as suddenly as he arrived, the man left... and nothing happened!

Saveh, Iran.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Snake man in Saveh