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Travel Portraits

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  • Kyrgyz woman, Karakul Lake
  • Whispering in corner at Ali Qapu
  • Proud Bedouin camel seller
  • Camel rider at Petra
  • Bedouin jewellery sellers
  • Two Chinese boys
  • Uzbek silk seller
  • Kyrgyz entrepreneurs
  • Bedouin jewellery seller
  • Egyptian student, Alexandria
  • Fisherman in Alexandria
  • Old Jordanian man
  • Vietnamese family on the Perfume River
  • Bedouin child at Resafe
  • Sudanese man waiting for ferry
  • Uzbek girl
  • Uzbek woman at the Ark
  • Uzbek man in car
  • Two Nubian boys
  • Uzbek woman with green eyes
  • Entrance attendant, Towers of Silence
  • Vietnamese woman
  • Uzbek woman with gold teeth
  • Iranian hotelier trainee
  • Man in Uzbek telpak

This woman was kind enough to let take her picture at the Khan's Palace in Kokand. An amazing set of gold teeth and the typical Uzbek fashions. Kokand, Uzbekistan.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Uzbek woman with gold teeth