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Travel Portraits

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  • Kyrgyz woman, Karakul Lake
  • Whispering in corner at Ali Qapu
  • Proud Bedouin camel seller
  • Camel rider at Petra
  • Bedouin jewellery sellers
  • Two Chinese boys
  • Uzbek silk seller
  • Kyrgyz entrepreneurs
  • Bedouin jewellery seller
  • Egyptian student, Alexandria
  • Fisherman in Alexandria
  • Old Jordanian man
  • Vietnamese family on the Perfume River
  • Bedouin child at Resafe
  • Sudanese man waiting for ferry
  • Uzbek girl
  • Uzbek woman at the Ark
  • Uzbek man in car
  • Two Nubian boys
  • Uzbek woman with green eyes
  • Entrance attendant, Towers of Silence
  • Vietnamese woman
  • Uzbek woman with gold teeth
  • Iranian hotelier trainee
  • Man in Uzbek telpak

A friend whispers in the corner at the entrance to Ālī Qāpū palace on the western side of the Naghsh-i Jahan Square opposite to Sheikh lotf allah mosque, Esphahan, Iran.

The accoustics are such that if someone stands in the opposite corner the two can have a 'secret' conversation.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Whispering in corner at Ali Qapu