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People in their Environment

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  • Children play, Arslanbob
  • Bread sellers, Samarkand
  • Turkish children in Istanbul
  • Shepherd girl with sheep
  • Bedouin children, Resafe
  • Bread seller
  • Children at the family home, Arslanbob
  • Trader
  • Sudanese men wait for ferry
  • Egyptian men chatting
  • Tajik waitresses
  • Kyrgyz family
  • Vietnamese family on the Perfume River
  • Catching a nap
  • Uzbek men chatting
  • Snake man of Saveh
  • Silk trader, Hotan
  • Chinese worker in Zhangye
  • Bagle seller, Istanbul
  • Woman sells bird food
  • Knife maker
  • Snack time
  • Boatmen, Shennong Stream
  • Boat traders, Tam Coc
  • Shepherd and grand daughter, Yekshenba Market

The mystery 'snake man of Savah', Iran.

We had stopped in Saveh for a 'food shopping' stop... oh, and I ended up in having an opticians appointment (another story, another time). When I got back to the truck a strange scene was unfolding with this guy, a monkey in a cage, and this massive snake in a box.

People put money into a bucket and there was lots of banter on a loud hailer, and raising of hands by the crowd. Then as suddenly as he arrived, the man left... and nothing happened!

Saveh, Iran.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Snake man