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  • Old man of the Great Wall
  • Painting the Forbidden City
  • Chinese women wrapped in duvet
  • Fish seller
  • Cyclo drivers
  • Man at drum tower, Xian
  • Local viewing earthquake disaster photographs
  • Worshipper at Buddhist temple
  • Boy preparing food
  • Marching soldiers, Tianenman Square
  • Traditional costume
  • Man takes some shade
  • Chinese muslims
  • Boatman, Shennong Stream
  • Boatman, Shennong Stream
  • Bhuddist monk, Bingling Si
  • Bhuddist monk, Bingling Si
  • Bhuddist monk, Bingling Si
  • Street bum
  • Livestock being herded by the lake
  • Traditional costume
  • Traditional costume
  • Two cute kids outside their parents store
  • Kids gather around the truck
  • Street food vendor
  • Bottle collector
  • Worker repairs temple roof
  • Woman repairing temple rests
  • Workers repair temple roof

Old man who walked quite away along the Great Wall of China.

Jinshanling to Simatai section of the Great Wall, China.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Old man of the Great Wall