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Kashgar & Yekshenba Market

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  • Farmer with prize bull
  • Lads selling souvenirs
  • Boy with family on tractor
  • Family lemon juice stall
  • Garlic seller with garlic hanging around his neck
  • Girl sewing using an old sewing machine
  • Colourful material stall
  • Uyghur woman on moped
  • Livestock farmers with their sheep
  • Friendly stall holder in the city bazarre
  • Very loud man shouting in the city's main bizarre
  • Farmers with their sheep
  • Boy on cart
  • Uyghur waits while his donkey is shod
  • Boy sharpening knives
  • Friendly children on a cart
  • Young shepherd
  • Young shepherd with his sheep
  • Young girl minding a flock of sheep
  • Uyghur girl amoungst a flock of sheep
  • Uyghur girl and young brother stand by their sheep
  • Baby size buddha at Daishon-In Temple, Miyajima
  • Shepherd
  • Old farmer with grand daughter on their cart
  • Old farmer with grand daughter on their cart
  • Entertainers at hotel in Kashgar
  • Welcome at hotel in Kashgar

Farmer inspects a bull at Yekshenba (Sunday) market
Kashgar, Xinjiang, China.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Farmer inspecting a prize bull