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Uzbekistan - Margilan & Kokand

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  • Bread seller at road side
  • Uzbek family waiting for their bus
  • Young lad selling pastries on the street in Kokand
  • Woman with gold teeth
  • Uzbek woman with green eyes
  • Two young lads from Margilan
  • Young potter decorating a plate before firing
  • Young potter spinning a wheel and making a pot
  • Man renovating wall carvings at Khan's Palace, Kokand
  • Entrance attendant with abacus
  • Carpet weaving demonstration at silk factory
  • Carpet weavers
  • Carpet weaver
  • Young woman weaving a silk carpet
  • Woman weaving a silk carpet

Woman showing off the bread she is selling. This shot was taken in a split second as my taxi driver stopped unexpectedly as we were driven from Kokand to Tashkent. The truck had to be driven to Tashkent via Tajikistan as it was not permitted to go on this particular mountain road.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Bread seller at road side