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  • Gutluk-Temir Minaret, Konya Urgench
  • Turkmen cleaner resting
  • Gutluk-Temir Minaret, Konya Urgench
  • Turkmen man reading
  • Turkmen woman giving offering
  • Turkmen street cleaners take a break from keeping Ashgabat's paths and lawns immaculate
  • Woman at bus stop with a birthday cake
  • Turkmen camel trader
  • Turkmen man at camel market Ashgabat
  • Two women in identical outfits, shopping at Ashgabat market
  • Woman shoppng at Ashgabat Market
  • Colourful stall holder at Ashgabat market
  • Cafe at Ashgabat Market
  • Colourful old woman at Ashgabat market
  • Lady with wonderful purse making a purchase at Ashgabat market
  • University student, Ashgabat

Turkmen family take the walk around the Gutluk-Temir Minaret, Konye Urgench, Turkmenistan. Said to bring good luck...
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Gutluk-Temir Minaret, Konya Urgench