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  • Friendly family on cart, Kochkor
  • Friendly family on cart, Kochkor
  • Kids in a tree, Karakol
  • Herdsman with cows on the road
  • Cleaners dancing in Karakol
  • Family on the streets of Kochkor
  • Family living in a shack at truck stop
  • Two small Kyrgyz children sitting on the grass
  • Mother and children by their road-side stall
  • Boy sitting out side yurt
  • Farmer with his wife on a horse, Kochkor
  • Shop keepers pose for a photograph outside their shop
  • Vegetable stall, Kochkor
  • Very small boy on horse back
  • Woman with her children at the 7 bulls, Djety Oguz
  • Small boy eating cream
  • Father and young son mount their horse after chopping wood
  • Young man on horseback
  • Young men on horseback
  • Farmers on cart on the road
  • Family outside their yurt, Djety Oguz
  • Mother and son in their yurt
  • Small boy eating cream
  • Mother and daughter making a sheeps wool duvet
  • Girl at Tashrabat
  • Young herdsman on horse back

Friendly family on cart, Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan.
[Photographer: Jonathan E Tyrrell]

Friendly family on cart, Kochkor