I'm a keen amatuer photographer... travel, nature, people, places, portraits. I also love travel and here are some of the images from my recent journey.

You can get away from it all for a while, but then its over... a moment has passed. This is why photographing what you see, where you go and who you meet is so important.

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Retrospective Traveller

If you like the photographs on jetyrrell.co.uk and you're curious about the stories and experiences behind them check out my travel blog retrospectivetraveller.co.uk

Retrospective Traveller is my way of recalling some of my travel memories through photography… and features tales from my overland adventures.

Retrospective Traveller

Retrospective Traveller - the travel memories and other traveller tales of @retrotraveller. Mainly ‘after the event’ – a retrospective look back at journeys past. You’ll find short stories, thoughts, travel experiences (some sanitised) and plenty of travel photography too... you can also find more photography on Flickr -